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Adrienne Simmons dances in Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre's recent performance now available through video.

What happens if you give a performance and no one comes?

That's what the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre did on July 15 before an empty house at the Manship Theatre in the Shaw Center for the Arts.

But now audiences can see "She Moves …" online through a video link the dance company is selling.  

New choreography and costumes were commissioned for "She Moves ..." but the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of the spring show. The performance was the company's first since last December’s "Nutcracker, A Tale from the Bayou."

“The feedback from the audience really is what makes dancing so exciting, so it did feel a little quiet out there on the stage,” said dancer Leah Cox. “Even so, we are just so happy to be able to perform these new works and have them on record for Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s repertoire.”

Featured pieces include "Silent Sentinels" by Giulia Fedeli Barker, the first of three movements of "Inspirata" by Jonna Cox and "The Lily" by Emelia Perkins. The show also will be the last time for many of these dancers to perform together, with five graduating seniors moving to in and out-of state-colleges this fall.

To order the video link for $10, visit