Baton Rouge Gallery is featuring work by artist members David DuBose, Randell Henry and Paulo Dufour during September.

The exhibits run through Sept. 27 at the gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, and admission is free. Gallery hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

DuBose's exhibit of graphite on photographs, "Mantle," examines the significance of others in his life and examines himself by taking a closer look at these relationships.

"The memories and associations with which I tie their lives to mine often arise with sudden and unexpected insight, overlaying an enduring process," he says.

DuBose has had artist residencies in Germany, Canada, Ireland and the U.S. He lived in Ireland for 13 years, where he taught printmaking at the University of Ulster in Belfast and served as the director of Seacourt Print Workshop for many years before eventually returning to the U.S. He now teaches art at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Henry's newest body of work, "Small Collages," continues his use of improvisational collage-making methods that involve playing with shapes, colors and patterns. He focuses on composition, he says, allowing himself to be surprised by the finished piece and the hidden symbols, figures, faces and abstract patterns he finds after completion.

"In my new collages, I am exploring dreams through the use of textures and patterns," Henry says. "I find it to be more creative when I paint areas of color and patterns onto raw fabric that I can incorporate into the works in inventive ways to inspire imagery."

Henry is an art professor at Southern University and serves on the boards of Baton Rouge Gallery and the DeBose Foundation.

In his exhibition, "Obscurations of Light & the Mind," Dufour shares works of both blown and sculpted glass as well as water media on paper. 

"Every piece has its own unique life that began with an intention, transforms in discovery and reveals in the reductive close examination," he says.

A Covington resident, Dufour creates glass projects for a variety of clients, galleries and invitational museum exhibits while also working as a teacher in the public school system.

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