You have only a few more days to place your bids in Baton Rouge Gallery's "Artists for Dialogue on Race" online benefit auction.

The auction ends at 2 p.m. Aug. 27, and includes works by 30 Baton Rouge Gallery artist members, artists represented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans and artists in the Baton Rouge community. 

All proceeds from auctioned artwork will benefit Dialogue on Race Louisiana and its mission of “eliminating racism through education, action and transformation.”

“We deeply appreciate Baton Rouge Gallery and its artists for their generosity and initiating this effort,” DORLA President/CEO, Maxine Crump said. “It is this kind of support that helps DORLA expand its work of offering the Dialogue on Race Original Series to Baton Rouge and beyond. This education process helps to bring change to our community.”

“The arts have always been an avenue for us to understand and appreciate the truths of others,” added Jason Andreasen, Baton Rouge Gallery's president/CEO. “More than ever before, there is no denying that empathy, that a willingness to listen and learn from the experiences of others is central to systemic change and a better future. These artists have eagerly stepped up to use their work to help DORLA in that effort.”

To see the artworks and place your bid, visit