The works of artists Anita Cooke, Audra Kohout, Hye Yeon Nam and Thomas Neff will be on exhibit at the Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, through Aug. 26.

Admission is free to the gallery, which is open from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Face masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

In her show "Edge Works," Cooke's process is one of rhythmic, repetitive tearing, cutting and sewing together of multiples of painted canvas strips that are then layered densely together to make thickly wrought bas-relief wall constructions.

There is whimsy, poetry, innocence and fantasy within the boxes in Kohout's exhibit, "Visitation," with work spanning the last decade and beyond.

In her show, "Future (Un)Known," Nam, a digital media artist and HCI designer, asks questions about people's fundamental relationship with machines. Are they tools, servants, collaborators, competitors, friends or even enemies?

Neff's travel as a photographer over a four-decade-long career has resulted in the thoughtful and moving images for his show, "Comparative Landscapes."