Coinciding with the West Baton Rouge Museum's exhibit, "Malaika Favorite: Washboard City" is "Piecing Together the Blues: Artwork by John Lawson."

Lawson, a native of England, first came to Baton Rouge in 1983 to study landscape architecture at LSU. He soon discovered the iconic North Boulevard club, Tabby's Blues Box.

lawson 7

John Lawson's 'Lightnin Slim — It's Mighty Crazy'

There, he became friends of owner-musician Tabby Thomas and soaked up music by Raful Neal and Arthur "Guitar" Kelly, among others.

Using a mixed-media technique to make collages, Lawson created a series of works inspired by these local blues musicians for the Baton Rouge Blues Festival in April 2018. Many of the motifs found in the collages are representative of the artists or their music.

Butterflies represent rebirth, while images of planets represent the universal flow of what the musicians tapped into while writing songs.

Lawson has exhibited his work at several galleries, and his collage of Henry Gray also served as the official poster for the 2018 Blues Festival.

The show runs through Jan. 20. For more information, call (225) 336-2422 or visit