cade jenkins

Southeastern Louisiana University student Cade Jenkins will demonstrate his blademaking expertise on 'Forged in Fire' at 8 p.m. Wednesday on History.

Loranger's Cade Jenkins emerged the winner in History's reality television competition, "Forged in Fire" Wednesday night.

The 18-year-old Southeastern Louisiana University student competed on the episode titled "French Pioneer Sword."

The series pit four master bladesmen as they attempted to recreate some of history's most iconic edged weapons, according to History.

"Four smiths are out on the farm to salvage steel from old farm equipment to make classic chef knives. Only two smiths will slice and dice their way to the final round where they must forge the iconic Rooster Head French Pioneer Sword. Find out which smith will cook up a sword worthy of victory, earning the title of Forged in Fire Champion and a check for $10,000," the episode synopsis stated.

Jenkins, a freshman majoring in industrial technology, filmed the "Forged" episode in August. Jenkins is owner and operator of Jenkins' Blacksmithing, a family business he took over from his grandfather, who started the Loranger business in 1976.