Work by artist members Jamie Baldridge, Samuel Joseph Corso and Nonney Oddlokken will be on exhibit at the Baton Rouge Gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, through Oct. 31. Admission is free to the BREC facility.

Baldridge's show, "Everything Casts a Shadow," features his psychological scenes created by manipulating and constructing photographic worlds that externalize the inner dialogues of consciousness.

”The images I create and the stories I write to accompany them are rather Catholic interpretations of the fables and tales I have devoured throughout my life and serve as an externalized dialogue of my own internal doubts, philosophical musings and obsessions,” Baldridge said.

In his show, "Avery Island," Corso, known for working with glass, moves into the more fluid media of oil paint to explore the landscapes and dramatic skies of the island.

“I have lived in Louisiana all of my life and in South Louisiana for most of it," he said. "Yet there are places in this exotic state that I have never seen. Until last May, one of those was Avery Island, whose beauty I had heard described as mystical. On a bright, sunny day, I decided it was time for a visit.”

Corso's work invites the viewer to relive those moments he spent out in the fields and on the open roads of the bayou.

Oddlokken is a mixed media artist who’s work utilizes handmade papers, found imagery, embroidery and hand-stitched gold embellishments. In her show, "Tiny, Little Fables: Life. Death. Gris Gris," she combines imagery of indigenous flora and fauna of Louisiana, above ground cemeteries and tombs and folktale characters to cross parish lines in her ongoing series.

“My work, always allegorical and symbolic in nature, is an ongoing series which I’ve entitled 'Tiny, Little Fables' that work together as a whole, but also stand alone," Oddlokken said. "My subject matter is a push and pull on Cajun folktales, New Orleans legends, biblical text and my own magical realism childhood memories — created by my agoraphobic godmother.”

The gallery also will host a separate free program, "Invisible Awareness Through the Arts," at 4 p.m. Oct. 13, and tickets are on sale for its annual KINETICS fundraiser on Nov. 8.

For more information, call (225) 383-1470 or visit