Bob Tannen's Lifeboat sculpture 3.jpg

Artist Robert Tannen, with a 30-foot lifeboat as a ready-made work of art during the 2019 White Linen Night party in New Orleans, will open 'BOX-CITY' at the Hilliard Museum on Feb. 7 in Lafayette.

Artist, urbanist and regional planner Robert C. Tannen's "BOX-CITY" will open with a reception at 6 p.m. Feb. 7 at the Hilliard Museum, 710 E. St. Mary Blvd., Lafayette.

The show runs through May 16. The show consists primarily of 60 48-by-48-by-40-inch triple-wall cardboard boxes visitors can use to create their own two-story city.

Each box represents a home unit, a news release says, and the interchangeability allows for a great deal of flexibility, leaving the possibility for individuality in urban planning.

Through this show, Tannen sees citizens as empowered to impact their environment while respecting neighbors, the release says. Tannen’s use of cardboard at a monumental scale underscores it as a material for temporary housing. The concept of home permeates much of the artist's work. 

Among his many art-related achievements are co-founding the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans in 1976 with his wife, Jeanne Nathan, and friends. Also, exhibitions of his work at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Center and Ogden Museum of Southern Art, as well as numerous gallery exhibitions and independent installations, including the most recent placement of a 30-foot lifeboat in the middle of New Orleans leading art gallery row, Julia Street, underscoring the threat of climate change.

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