Throughout his career, the late artist George Rodrigue used his imagination to invent scenes and images associated with mythic tales, especially those related to the Acadian culture. He often told the story of how his mother warned him that the loup-garou, the monster of Cajun lore, would "eat him tonight" if he wasn't good.

The loup-garou would later inspire Rodrigue's iconic Blue Dog.

This year, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts used that same inspiration for its art contest, giving it a theme of "Monsters, Myths and Legends."

The winning pieces are on exhibit in the Paula G. Manship Foyer in the Shaw Center of the Arts, 100 Lafayette St.

High school juniors and seniors used their creativity to bring a monster, myth or legend to life through original art. Students were encouraged to explore local legends and lore as inspirations for their work.

More than 650 students entered the contest, with 16 winners chosen after two rounds of judging. A total of $45,250 in college scholarships was awarded to the winners. For more information, visit

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