George Judy

LSU will host the inaugural LSU SciArts New Play Festival on Oct. 20-22 in the LSU Music & Dramatic Arts Building.

Co-sponsored by the LSU College of Science, the LSU School of Theatre and the LSU Office of Research & Economic Development, the LSU SciArts New Play Festival will feature free staged readings of three new plays where science is an extensive part of the story.

Each evening will feature one new play and the author of that play, along with associated keynote talks on Oct. 21 and Oct. 22.

About 190 new science plays were submitted to LSU’s national solicitation for new science plays. A panel of a dozen theater and science students and faculty read and ranked the plays to select three for the festival. Playwrights are being brought to Baton Rouge for workshop rehearsals, and through the generosity of LSU Professor George Judy, each playwright also will receive a $1,000 play writing prize.

On Oct. 20, the festival will kick off with a staged reading of “Another Revolution” by Jacqueline Bircher. The story explores the triumphs and tensions between two very different doctoral students working side-by-side as anti-war protests engulf their university campus.

On Oct. 21, a staged reading of “The Surest Poison” by Kristin Idaszak will be featured. The play tells the story of a murder investigation in a forensics laboratory during the Prohibition Era.

The Oct. 22 staged reading is of “Maize” by Judith Pratt. “Maize” is about the trials and tribulations of the Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Barbara McClintock.

Each evening of the SciArts New Play Festival also will include discussion sessions with the authors.

In addition, playwright Leigh Fondakowski, who authored “Spill,” will speak on Monday afternoon, and, on Tuesday afternoon, Nina Fedoroff, a world renowned geneticist who worked with Barbara McClintock and is depicted as a character in the play “Maize,” will speak. 

Admission is free. For more information, call (225) 578-3527 or visit