Baton Rouge Gallery will open a show featuring work by artist members Mary Ann Caffery, Rosemary Goodell, Malaika Favorite and Michael w. Howes on Sept. 1.

The show runs through Oct. 1 at the gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, where the hours are noon to 6 p.m. for individuals or groups of 25 or fewer. Face masks are required.

Caffery's show, "Wings," features her latest photographs of birds wading in their Louisiana habitats.

“I keep thinking 'That’s enough of that — move on — photograph something else,' but I keep being drawn to the elegance, beauty and sometimes awkward humor and behavior of egrets, herons, ibises and spoonbills in and near water," Caffery said. "It is almost an obsession to quietly seek out areas where they congregate, observing and photographing for hours at a time, trying to stand as still as possible in hopes that I will see something I have never seen before."

Favorite's show, "Pause & Reflect," is a series of works in a variety of media that encourage contemplation on attitudes about life and about each other, and how people deal with the current reality.

"I use my art as a teaching platform to help the viewer think about issues and encourage dialogue that might enhance our often-limited version of reality," Favorite said. "I challenge my own concepts of creativity by searching for a unique way to express an old and often repeated idea or opinion."

Goodell's show, "Encounters," features prints she calls "visual encounters."

"An encounter is an unexpected experience something to be faced with or someone to be met with," she said. "Our lives are a series of encounters with ourselves, others and nature. Some of these prints illustrate social encounters. Other prints visualize the unexpected we may encounter as a dream in our mind’s eye. Some of the prints tell a story and some do not."

Howes' exhibit, "Dancing and Chaos @ Lac Boeuf," features collages and sculptures.

“With the collages as well as the sculptures, I understand how substance is added to a frame, how the spiritual can envelope and seal us from the physical world, how it is possible at times to sense the two to be parallel as they move,” he said.

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