An artist’s workspace can say a lot about them. What they put on the walls or what tools they use can reveal more about the person and their process. Frame of Mind is a monthly Red feature focusing on Baton Rouge creators and the spaces they work in.

Baton Rouge photographer Collin Richie, with the help of a small team, operates his photography business from a home studio and office that is a productive, bustling space in a quiet corner of Spanish Town.

Richie, who has been a working photographer since college, makes a range of high-quality content for commercial and editorial clients, with an emphasis on food, portraits and architecture. His workspace is cozy and multifunctional, and is used for everything in the business, from shooting products for clients and making portraits to storing equipment and post processing images.

For many photographers, including Richie, 90% of the work is made out in the field and away from the studio, and he and his team do a lot of traveling for commercial clients. But the at-home space is a comfortable, inviting home base for almost everything else it takes to get to the final product.

The studio is blocked off from the main house by a custom-made wooden door adorned with antique rustic handles. There are shelves holding books, awards and vintage cameras, and a small bar cart sits in the corner. Some of Richie’s travel photography is framed and arranged into a gallery wall, and stacks of Baton Rouge publications that feature Richie’s work sit on the coffee table.

On one side of the room, one of his staff, Haskell Whittington, is editing photos on a desktop and on the other side, Sean Gasser is breaking down and storing away lighting equipment. Richie simultaneously catches up on laundry while giving me the run-down of how this place operates. His black cat, Canon, makes an appearance and his golden Lab, Miles, lies on the big leather couch.

It’s a cozy environment, but it’s still another productive, busy weekday for Richie and his team.

More about Collin Richie can be found at and on Instagram, @collinrichiephoto.

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