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Baton Rouge-based artist Osa Atoe in her garage studio

An artist’s workspace can say a lot about them. What they put on the walls or what tools they use can reveal more about the person and their process. Frame of Mind is a monthly Red feature focusing on Baton Rouge creators and the spaces they work in.

Osa Atoe is a Baton Rouge-based artist and potter known for her functional terra-cotta pottery adorned in geometric carvings and bright pastels. You can usually catch Atoe selling her work at local makers markets, teaming up with local businesses for special events, or spending time in her workshop making new stock to sell through her online Etsy shop.

When you step into Atoe’s efficient garage studio, you start to think she is living an artist's dream — doing something you love and never “working” a day in your life. But Atoe is always working on her business and, while in the studio, sharing her process and pottery with nearly 17,000 Instagram followers.

Atoe’s studio is right in her backyard, attached to the driveway and surrounded by her husband’s vegetable and herb gardens. Two wooden doors open into the space, pouring sun into a small room lined with shelves of wet clay, newly glazed mugs and bowls, art books, knickknacks and more. Among the tools and material are houseplants and old, punk music tapes. And on a normal work day, Atoe is kept company by her two dogs, Lola and Bayou.

Atoe’s space is a breath of fresh air — it’s colorful, tranquil and pretty inseparable from the yard itself. A trip to the kiln is a short paved walk through the yard. It only makes beautiful sense to see an artist who works with clay, a natural material, in such a raw outdoor environment.

More about Osa Atoe can be found at potterybyosa.com and on Instagram @potterybyosa.

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A look into Osa Atoe's backyard garage studio

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Raw materials, finished pieces and works-in-progress can be seen in Atoe's garage studio.

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Raw materials inside Atoe's pottery studio

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Baton Rouge potter Osa Atoe inside her garage studio

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Atoe's dogs, Lola and Bayou, usually keep her company while working in her backyard studio.

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Old punk tapes, plants and books are mixed in with tools and materials in Atoe's studio space

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Osa Atoe in the backyard of her Baton Rouge home

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Atoe holds a recently completed piece

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Works-in-progress at Atoe's studio