“Give Up the Ghost” by Cherie Claire, Happy Gris Gris Publishing, 294 pages, paperback, $9.99

Louisiana novelist Cheré Dastugue Coen, who writes under the name Cherie Claire, has published the fifth book in her Viola Valentine paranormal mystery series.

"In 2005, Hurricane Katrina uprooted Viola Valentine from her dead-end job and what she deemed a loveless marriage. Three years later, she and her husband Thibault 'TB' Boudreaux are starting over on a Tennessee houseboat, she following her dream as travel writer and TB finishing school at Smoky Mountain University," the synopsis for "Give Up the Ghost" states.

"But the ghosts of the past continue to hound the couple, infiltrating negative energy into their peaceful cove. With her family at stake, Vi must learn to harness her supernatural powers, face her fears and fight the evil that threatens to unravel them all," the synopsis also said. 

Coen, a native of New Orleans who lives in Lafayette, is the author of five nonfiction titles about Louisiana under her real name and 10 Louisiana-themed romance novels. She has won numerous awards both as an author and as a journalist.