'Stop. Back Up. Grow" by Paul J. Angelle Jr.

"Stop. Back Up. Grow: A Personal Growth Formula That is as Easy as Falling Down" by Paul J. Angelle Jr.; Mindstir Media

Paul J. Angelle Jr.'s new book looks at the "invisible barricades to growth, strategies to discover personal belief systems and practical techniques to help readers make changes required for growth," according to a news release.

Angelle will host a launch event and reading at Bon Temps Grill, 1211 W. Pinhook in Lafayette, at 6 p.m. June 15.

“I believe the book will give readers a chance to gain more awareness to take ownership of their lives and create a motivational roadmap for growth, empowering them to take whatever action is necessary to succeed and move forward,” Angelle said in the release.

Angelle’s varied professional background has given him insights into the workaday world and a wide spectrum of humanity. He’s worked as an attorney, a sports photographer, an editor, a publisher and more. He has based the idea behind his new book on his belief that personal growth is doable, provided the reader is willing to make changes and “back up” to do the pre-work required.

Angelle is a member of Business Network International, based in Baton Rouge where he works as the chief operating officer in a law firm.

Ivan R. Misner, founder of BNI and New York Times bestselling author, says Angelle’s book is full of inspiration, honesty and common sense.

“Angelle is not only a great storyteller, he understands the fundamentals of success and wastes no time showing the reader just how to achieve it,” Misner said. “Taking ownership in our lives is important, and this book makes that much easier. It makes no difference in how you define growth, this book will deliver results. It is a powerful read at a time when so many people can use one.”

As a photographer and sports writer, Angelle’s work has been featured in multiple local, state and national publications, including Sports Illustrated, The Times Picayune and more. He has been a political columnist, a sports writer and founder/publisher/editor of a regional sports publication.

Angelle has four children, and he and his wife, Dawn, live on a small farm in Sunset.

His book is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.