Nyad’s book proves you’re never too old _lowres


“Find a Way” by Diana Nyad, Alfred A Knopf, 308 pages, 26.95, hardcover

Many people 60 or older are doing things not attempted by past generations. Meds, exercise and a new attitude are helping to accomplish no small feats. Ever thought about swimming from Cuba to Florida?

“Find A Way” by Diana Nyad is the story about the author and her efforts to make that swim, a feat never done before. Is 64 too old to accomplish that goal? Will her fifth attempt be the one that brings victory?

Nyad had been an athlete for as long as she could remember. After failing to make the 1978 Olympiad team in swimming, she turned to being a sportscaster for such television shows as “The Wide World of Sports.” However, her desire to compete never really went away.

As the saying goes, “Life happens.” Such was the case for Nyad. It took her years to get over sexual abuse she had experienced as a teenager. Also, matters weren’t helped by her decision to live life as a lesbian during a time when it was still taboo.

After her mother’s death, Nyad began to mentally grapple with her own mortality. With time not on her side, she started training for the Cuba-Florida swim as if her life depended on it. It was on.

If you like stories about people facing real challenges, buy Nyad’s book. It just might motivate you to reach for something that was previously impossible.