Editor's Note: "Louisiana Literature" highlights recently published books from area authors.

"River Road Rambler Returns" by Mary Ann Sternberg

Twenty-two years ago, LSU Press published the first edition of "Along The River Road" by Mary Ann Sternberg. The author presented the corridor along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans as a place of fascinating history and culture that spans from prehistory to today.

Two more editions followed as well as "River Road Rambler" and now her latest, "River Road Rambler Returns." Sternberg notes the corridor was created from layers of traditions and influences by Native Americans, French, Germans, British, Spanish, black slaves from Africa and the West Indies, free people of color, Acadians, Italians and others.

Sternberg's books have exposed the area to visitors as well as armchair travelers, showing the existing treasures and relics of the past that remain to be enjoyed as well as noting evidence of what used to be.

These include numerous plantation houses not open to the public but with their own wonderful stories; historic churches and cemeteries; interesting little local museums; plantation stores and general stores; Civil War sites; archaeological sites; the historic and still important sugar industry; the Mississippi River; and loads of local color, tales and lore, according to a news release.

In the new "Rambler" collection of 14 stories, the Baton Rouge-based author tells what life is like on a towboat pushing 40 barges down the Mississippi; the intricate history of the place now known as Manresa House of Retreats, when the old plantation served as a series of young men's educational institutional; the forgotten Civil War fort near Donaldsonville, the only one between Baton Rouge and New Orleans along the river, and much more.

"River Road Rambler Returns" is available at LSU Press

"God's Divine Intervention" by Angela Clark 

Writing under the name Angela Clark, Prairieville resident Jane Sanders has published her first book, "God's Divine Intervention."

The author writes about her personal experience of how God has come into her life, and she shares a variety of messages she's received, according to a news release. She offers a look at a host of topics relevant to Christians today, covering subjects such as choosing friends wisely, how to pray, giving thanks for blessings, faith, God's presence in healing and more, the release says.

"It provides you with insight to analyze your struggles as well as overcome difficult challenges," the release says. "The messages offered open your heart and mind to understand when God reaches out to intervene during your storms of life."

The book is available at Amazon.com.