Milk Brothers

'Milk Brothers' by Don Hidalgo

"Milk Brothers" by Don Hidalgo; Outskirts Press; 65 pages

In his second book, "Milk Brothers," Baton Rouge author Don Hidalgo sets the story in and around New Orleans in the 1920s.

"'Milk Brothers' is the modern-day version of the Damon and Pythias Greek legend," according to a news release. "This is the story of Dan Hart and Harry Hodges, best friends who share with the reader their adventures, life-altering events and tragic circumstances. Nursed by the same woman, thus the name 'Milk Brothers,' they are brothers in every sense of the word."

Readers will follow these two friends as they traverse life's journey, told by Hidalgo with a sense of humor and storytelling finesse.

The book can be purchased through Outskirts Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.