Review: Another ‘Home’ run Lewis produces hit with ‘Too Close to Home’ _lowres


“Too Close to Home” by Susan Lewis, Ballantine Books, $15, paperback

International writer Susan Lewis, of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, has done it again. To her credit, she has written 33 novels. This one is a winner as well.

“Too Close to Home,” Lewis’ latest, is riveting, spellbinding and highly entertaining. Who says family dramas can’t be exciting?

The book opens with Jenna Moore, the main character, thinking about her 15-year-old daughter Paige and her husband Jack out doing a school project. What could go wrong?

Her other children, Josh, 8, and 5-year-old twins, Flora and Willis, all are singing the praises of their father. All is well.

Then all hell breaks loose. Jack starts to have myriad secrets and leaves to go places that he lies about to cover his tracks. While all this is happening, Paige starts to get bullied .

Lewis’ character development is excellent and very credible. For example, the character Jenna supports her husband in the family business. She also spends a lot of time with the younger children and fails to catch that Paige is having a rough time.

Lewis’ plot comes together like a well-sewn dress. The story starts off slowly but detail and storyline advance the plot along. By the time Jack tells his wife that he is leaving his family, the effect is like a full-blown psychosis.

Will Jack go back to Jenna and his children? Will Paige survive being bullied? Will the younger children adjust to their new life? Read the book and find out. Lewis is a phenomenal writer at the height of her writing prowess. Look for another bestseller in this work.