tree talk cover

"If Only That Tree Could Talk …" by Kevin A. Rodrigue, Archway Publishing, 108 pages 

As a history teacher, Kevin A. Rodrigue has been telling stories of Louisiana's history for years. From the perspective of a massive old oak tree, that's something new.

In his new book, "If Only That Tree Could Talk …," Rodney, is involved in a car accident, the sprawling oak helping him come out of it alive.

"Of course, at first, he can’t believe the live oak is talking to him, but soon, that tree begins to share its many stories," Rodrigue writes. "Although fictionalized, the tree’s stories are based on actual historical pictures, letters, and speeches, featuring real people who had tremendous impacts on the Pelican State."

A Louisiana native who lives in Belle Rose, Rodrigue "uses the wisdom of an ancient tree to share the things that fascinate him about the culture of his surroundings," according to a news release. "He hopes to not only entertain but also inspire readers to look into their own pasts and embrace the things that make them unique."