'My Cousin Remy: A 24-Carat Cajun' by Gary A. Theriot

Editor's Note: "Louisiana Literature" highlights recently published book from area authors.

"My Cousin Remy: A 24-Carat Cajun" by Gary A Theriot

Gary Theriot was born and raised in Opelousas, but while living for a while in the Northeast, started telling Cajun stories about his fictional cousin Remy.  

His new book follows the adventures of Remy as he graduates from college with honors and reports for basic training at Fort Polk. After serving eight years in the Army as a covert intelligence specialist, Remy heads home to Arnaudville, where, a news release says, "He buys land and cattle with money he earned doing some, let’s just say freelance research for U.S. friends. Off the books, of course. Like most successful covert specialists, Remy is not naive and certainly a practical man. Throughout this story he never forgets his training."

To buy land, Remy has to deal with the powerful Aldouse Wyble, who, unknown to Remy, has been an invisible influence on his life, the release says. Remy meets and marries Wyble’s daughter, Lynn Marie. 

A megadiscovery of oil and gas on his land makes the newlyweds very wealthy.

"Remy is the recipient of much good luck the first few years of marriage until Lynn Marie decides to go back to school and become a lawyer. She upsets the apple cart and turns Remy’s very well-planned life into total chaos," the release says. "However, because of his love for Lynn Marie, Remy submits to the agents of change, forces he knows he can’t defeat."

After his father-in-law is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Remy learns of the older man's manipulations in his life. 

"Years later, tragedy strikes and a very dark side of Remy erupts," the release says.

Remy finally becomes the master of his own fate, which Theriot says is the genesis of volume two coming in 2019.

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