The Rev. Larry Stockstill, already well known for his ministries to men, has authored a new book, “Model Man: From Integrity to Legacy,” and along with a six-week lesson plan wants to “kick start a movement that will see a million men saved in the United States,” he says in a video posted at “Model Man’s” website.

“In this confused, chaotic world we’re living in, men are looking to find a model man,” Stockstill says. “A man who possesses the qualities of integrity, purity, pace of life, real purpose, a model marriage, model children and a powerful legacy.”

The short but insightful book is divided into three sections — Character, Consistency and Connections — in 10 chapters of 205 pages. It will be the cornerstone for a “Model Man” Conference to be held at Bethany South Campus from Oct. 9-11. The conference will also kick-off a six-session DVD series that anchors a 50-week study series for men’s small groups.

Since he turned the senior pastorate of Bethany over to his son Jonathan in October 2011, Larry Stockstill has been planting thousands of churches around the world via the church’s “Surge” program. He also, when he’s in town, leads the Bible lesson each Wednesday at the Bethany Businessmen’s Luncheon, attended by hundreds of men from across the Baton Rouge business spectrum. He writes in the book’s conclusion, “they come from all denominations and backgrounds but the common theme is ‘changing our nation one man at a time.’

“This is the model man,” Stockstill writes. “I envision small tables of men meeting all across our nation,” in groups that will continue to multiply and, hopefully, “turn the tide of our nation back to character, consistency and connection.”