Several interesting things in church history happened on Nov. 21.

235 is considered the traditional date for Anterus’ election as pope. He would serve for only a few weeks before being martyred. The reason of his death? He ordered the "acts of the martyrs" to be written for the church library.

In 1430, the Burgundians, allies of the English she was fighting, sold Joan of Arc to the English. This would lead to her conviction as a heretic and her eventual death by burning at the stake.

In 1620, the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact, a set of rules for self-governance. The move was considered necessary because the group’s original agreement was for them to move to Virginia, but the ship wound up in Massachusetts, and members of the group felt it necessary to have a set of rules in the new community.

In 1638, at a meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, the Church of Scotland was created when the meeting abolished the episcopal form of church government and established Presbyterianism.

In 1962, Christian singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman was born.

In 1964, the third session of Vatican II closed. It approved three documents. One was the "Decree on Ecumenism," which declared both Catholics and Protestants to blame for past divisions. It called for dialogue, not derision, between the groups.

In 1988, Richard Foster and some friends created Renovaré, an organization to equip people to become deeply formed followers of Jesus. Foster wrote “Celebration of Discipline,” considered one of the best modern books on Christian spirituality.


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