Passion Worship Night 2018 comes to Baton Rouge for a Nov. 9 stop, with the Passion Band, speaker Louie Giglio and gospel singer Travis Greene.

The show starts at 7 p.m. at The Church International, Baton Rouge campus, 2037 Quail Drive. Visit or to purchase tickets and get more  information. Tickets for general admission are $25 ($20 if purchased in a Friends & Family 4 Pack) and deluxe tickets are $40. Tickets can also be purchased at the church.

Kristian Stanfill, who along with Brett Younker and Melodie Malone, make up the Passion Band, said the group loves Baton Rouge and is excited to be returning. "Amazing food,” he added.

Passion “started with Louie and Shelley Giglio feeling God was giving them a vision and leading them to start this movement to reach college students,” Stanfill explained of the event. “We’ve been gathering as Passion for the past 20 years, gathering college students from all over the world just to say we are going to live our lives for what matters most, which we believe is the name of Jesus.”

Some incredible people have been involved along the way, including Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Christy Nockels and Matt Redman, he said.

“Now we get to be a part of leading the charge, leading the songs and writing songs,” Stanfill said.

The current tour, he said, “is an extension of that big annual conference we have. We are taking the same heart we have behind the conference and putting it in one night.”

Stanfill said he went to some conferences as a college student, met Louie Giglio in 2004 and started leading with Passion in 2005.

What can people expect at the Baton Rouge stop?

“It’s not really so much a show or a concert or a performance. This is an interactive thing … We’re going to be singing a lot of songs … Louie’s going to be preaching. We’re really hoping people will engage with us, really come ready and expectant to have an encounter with God. …

“People need hope today. We’re calling the tour the ‘Faith is Greater Than Fear’ tour and that’s because we’ve seen so many people … really struggling with fear and depression and doubts. We really want to hit that head-on with the truth of Jesus. …

“It’s also going to be a really fun night. I think people are going to love it. It’s going to be high energy.”

Tell us about Passion’s current album “Whole Heart.”

“We recorded that live at our Passion conference this year. We had two venues in Atlanta, one venue in (Washington) D.C., and we recorded these songs there. So what you hear is 20,000 to 30,000 college students singing these songs. It’s really powerful when you hear all these students sing to God like that. …

“I think the theme of this record is God’s love for his people. For whatever reason, that theme made its way into most of the songs on the record. God just reminding us that he loves us. I think that’s what people need to hear. And that really simple truth has the power to break down a lot of lies, a lot of chains.”

Tell us about your journey to being in Passion.

“It wasn’t something I was aiming for. I was a worship leader in college and I just went wherever, people called, I would go. …

“I met Louie one summer at a student conference in 2004, and we started leading a Bible study together in Atlanta called 722. A friendship just happened. And Louie was so awesome; he wanted to tell me he believed in me and he wanted to be a friendly voice in my life.

“I started working with Passion and a few years later I became an artist on the (related) sixsteps label. I made a couple of records with sixsteps and that was a really cool time, but when (Passion City Church) started, I realized I didn’t want to be a single Christian artist. I wanted to be part of a team. … So I’m no longer making artist records but am part now of leading the Passion Band, the worship team at our church.”

How did the church come about?

“Passion City is about 9 years old. It grew out of the Passion conference. It kind of has the same heartbeat, the same DNA as the Passion conference, just in a local church format. So we love being in the city of Atlanta. …

“The location where we started, there’s a lot of different kinds of people in that area. It allows us to reach a wide spectrum of people, which is amazing.

“The difference between the conference and the church is the church is local, and we get to see a lot of the same people week after week. We get to walk alongside people in their lives and help them, give them hope. Whereas the conference and these worship nights, we are in and out.”

What’s on the horizon for Passion?

“We’ve got this tour though the end of November. We’re going coast to coast. It will be a big endeavor, but we are excited about it. Then we are working up to Passion 2019 … at the beginning of the year. It’s really exciting.”