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Passion Band, from left, Melodie Malone, Kristian Stanfill and Brett Younker, will perform Nov. 9 in Mandeville.

Passion Worship Nights 2017 is stopping in Mandeville on Thursday, Nov. 9, with its message of Jesus’ life-changing ability.

“I think everyone right now thinks that the world is crazy and everyone has kind of lost it,” said Passion Band member Brett Younker.

He said people can run to a lot of places to try to stop the spinning-out-of-control sensation, but the church has “something really sure for people to stand on: the hope of Jesus.”

Younker described Passion’s roots as a movement for college-aged students that puts Jesus at the heart of everything.

“It’s really easy to put yourself in the center of life,” he said. But Jesus’ salvation shows “he’s a great God, and he's actually at the center of the story. He rescued us from sin’s debt so that we can worship him.”

And the concert in Mandeville is allowing people of all ages to join in that worship.

Since the mid 1990s, Passion, a conference for college students, has had a lot of music. Worship leaders Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder and Christy Nockels have all been a part of the team.

And that core event has led to the growth of the movement, most notably Passion City Church in the Atlanta area. The formation of the church led to the start of the band that is leading worship on this tour.

Band mate Melodie Malone said of the worship night in Mandeville, “I think the thing that matters most to us is that people encounter Jesus. … That brings hope. That’s what brings healing. That’s what really changes out lives.”

That encounter will come through worship and “through Louie (Giglio)’s teaching and through Levi (Lusko)’s teaching,” she said.

Giglio is the founder of the Passion movement. Lusko is a pastor and author in Montana who has been a part of the Passion conferences for a couple of years.

After the tour, the band will head to the annual college conference, which will operate out of two venues in Atlanta and a third in Washington, D.C.

The D.C. venue is exciting, Younker said, because Passion City Church is starting a congregation there, and the conference is an early step in the launch of that new effort.

Passion Worship Nights 2017

Hosted by Passion, Louis Giglio, Levi Lusko

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9                   

WHERE: Church of the King, 22205 Little Creek Road, Mandeville

TICKETS/INFO: $15.95 (groups of 10 more) to $34.95 for deluxe seating. (855) 484-1991, or