What resources are available during a time of uncertainty such as a pandemic?

It seems many faith leaders are finding the words to help us get through this. Here are a few:

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, in his blog entry from March 27, looks at Bible verses to help people who are struggling to find comfort in Scripture during the coronavirus pandemic.

He offered four verses, explaining their meaning from the Hebrew, rather than the English translations we know.

The first is Genesis 1:2: "Now the earth was empty and without form."

Shapiro says this misses the dynamic the Hebrew version offers. In Hebrew, “tohy va-vohu,” has been translated as “empty and without form.” The rabbi says a better translation is “wild, chaotic and unfixed.”

His conclusion is “Life is wild, and to insist otherwise forces us to take refuge in a fantasy of how we wish things were; a fantasy all too easily shattered by reality.”

Read the rest of his blog entry at https://tinyurl.com/t3djvjc.

He also has a special edition of his column at spiritualityhealth.com/blogs/roadside-musings/2020/03/30/special-edition-roadside-assistance. It has various questions stemming from readers' coronavirus concerns.

Spirituality & Health offers pieces at spiritualityhealth.com/staying-sane-during-covid-19 that cover boosting the immune system, managing anxiety, living mindfully, self-care and caring for kids.

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