Ministers at Baton Rouge’s St. Mary Baptist Church want to break through to their community.

They envision a youth group traveling to nursing homes and prisons and women’s shelters, playing music, serving communion and ministering to people in need.

To jump start the program, they are having a concert, says Chris D. Plant, a minister at St. Mary.

Friday’s live worship performance, called Breakthrough, will feature Plant, music minister Shaquille O. Davis and several guest performers. The performance will be recorded and released this fall as a fundraiser for the congregation’s outreach ministries.

“One of the lyrics in the song we’re talking about people getting deliverance and having a breakthrough — a breakthrough in spiritual terminology of deliverance and being set free,” Plant says.

During the concert, Plant and Davis will perform two original songs they have written. They play a contemporary style of praise and worship music, Davis says. Other performers will include Courtney Brown, Arthur Gremillion and Friends Community Choir, Jeremy Sands, Chris Jackson and William West.

Pastors Gregory Coates and Rheba Allen will also appear at the concert, which is sponsored by Wesley’s Funeral Home in Plaquemine, Plant says.

Plant, who is training to be a minister at St. Mary under Bishop Conway L. Knighton, sees a youth-oriented outreach ministry as a potentially powerful force in Baton Rouge.

“We are outreaching to people who are looking to be delivered in their spiritual and personal lives and physical lives,” he says.

Funds raised through a collection at the concert and the sale of the Breakthrough CD will benefit the purchase of musical instruments, communion supplies and travel expenses for the teenagers and young adults working in the community, Plant says.

“We’re just trying to give back to the community,” he says. “We pray with them, we bring our instruments, we sing, we preach. We just try to gather. We are soliciting more young people in the community to get on this bandwagon with us.”