Gloria Gaynor — yes, that Gloria Gaynor — has a gospel album on the way.

The singer best known for the disco anthem “I Will Survive,” is releasing a new album called “Testimony” on June 7.

It will contain classic hymns, her own material and a cover of a Bob Dylan song, according to a news release.

The first single, a bluesy “Amazing Grace,” has been released and can be heard at

By the way, “I Will Survive” is turning 40 this year.

Seeing the Bible

“A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible” by Tim Challies and Josh Byers offers an interesting way to learn about Scripture.

Divided into three parts, the book offers charts, maps and other designs to make the Bible more understandable.

Part 1 considers if people can trust the Bible. Among the many charts are several that plot what books were considered a part of the Bible, or canon, at various points in history.

Part 2 considers how a person should study the Bible.

One chart shows the average American watches 1,800 hours of television a year. The bottom of the chart shows how many hours a person would spend a year if they spent 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day or an hour a day studying the Bible.

Hint: If one spends an hour a day in Bible study, the total for the year is 365 hours.

A chart for how to study the Bible says to observe, interpret, apply and memorize passages.

Part 3 is seeing the Bible.

The chapters in this section consider some major sections of the Bible and their meaning or purpose in relation to Jesus.

For example, the fall and the flood are why Jesus is needed; Judges and Kings are preparing for Jesus; and the Gospels are about Jesus actually on earth.

Graphics include a map showing the children of Israel taking control of the Holy Land; a nautilus spiral representing the Judges of Israel and the cycle of sin; and a timeline detailing the kings of the prophets of Israel and Judah. Another chart shows prophecies made in the Psalms and where they were fulfilled in the New Testament.

A combination timeline map shows the New Testament letters written by Paul and Peter and others. It shows when they were written, where they were written and to whom they were written.

The book is an interesting way for visual learners to examine Scripture.

Embracing creativity in difficulty

For many people, creativity is a part of their spiritual lives.

Lynn Newman has published a book for creativity to help people overcome difficulties.

“The Muse in You” has 19 chapters that deal with different difficulties of life, including loss, loneliness, mistakes, fear, dreams, judgment and more.

Each chapter explores one of the issues and then provides some sort of exercise to help tackle the issue. While not in-depth, the book provides a starting place for someone wanting to break past obstacles they may weigh them down and keep them from creativity.

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