The new St. Thomas More logo will be used by all parts of the parish, including the church, schools and athletics.

Sounds of voices and hymns

“The Big Sing! I Will Sing and Make Music!” will be held at 6 p.m Sunday, May 19, at University Baptist Church, 5775 Highland Road.

This hymn festival is being led by music director, pianist and composer Benjamin Harlan.

Harlan participated in and led several hymn festivals through the years, and while in London years ago, he sat in on The Big Sing in London, a festival at Royal Albert Hall with 800 voices, the BBC Symphony and an audience.

In the Baton Rouge event, participating choir members will gather at 3:30 p.m. for a rehearsal and a meal, before leading the audience in hymns.

Harlan has enlisted 30 congregations from several hours around Baton Rouge, aiming for 200 voices in the night’s choir.

People attending in the congregation will be handed copies of the music so they can join in. If you want a chance to sing, make plans to come.

Sights on unified message

The Baton Rouge Catholic parish St. Thomas More is in the process of a rebranding and marketing campaign. Part of that includes a new logo, which can be found on signs in front of homes throughout the church's location in the Sherwood Forest area.

The parish has existed since 1958 and recently welcomed members from the now-closed St. Louis King of France Parish.

With that and other changes, St. Thomas More came up with one brand for the church, schools and athletics.

“One STM” is the slogan, and a new logo will represent all the parish entities. The logo adds a cross and triangles to the church name.

“Together, the triangles are an abstract representation of the three elements of the STM mission: to guide, to inspire and to serve. This direction helps to make the logo multipurpose; meaning that the three-sided shapes are also symbolic of the Holy Trinity. Their interlocking nature also speaks to the inclusion and openness found in the church and school. The cross in front of the mark represents Christ who guides our mission and welcomes all into this place to belong,” a news release said.

“St. Thomas More has been a vibrant part of the Baton Rouge community for the past 60 years, providing spiritual formation and outreach alongside excellence in education” said the Rev. Michael J. Alello, pastor of St. Thomas More. “This new logo expresses the strength and unity of our parish community, a welcoming place that all can call ‘home.’ STM strives to guide, to inspire and to serve. We provide spiritual guidance and Catholic education, inspiring parishioners and students to go beyond STM with a unique spirit of service, knowledge and compassion.”

“Tens of thousands of people in our city have worshiped in this church and have been educated in this school. And yet there is so much more to be done, and so many people to reach," Alello said. "STM is a place where people come to receive spiritual nourishment, guidance and inspiration. And when we are fed with the Spirit, we are able to look around in our community to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in the world.”

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