Simple food can be deceiving. There are no fancy ingredients to hide behind. Everything has to be on point.

Luckily, Simple Joe Cafe and Confectionary knows that simple doesn’t have to be boring.

Located in Mid City next door to The Radio Bar, Simple Joe is in a perfect spot for a quick bite before school or work. If you’re like me and have cravings for breakfast well past breakfast time, you’re in luck, because Simple Joe serves it until they close at 2 p.m. But they also have sandwiches and lunch specials for the more regimented diners.

From the breakfast menu, we tried the No. 5 ($7.75), which comes with two eggs, sausage or bacon, a pancake and grits. The eggs, which we ordered over hard, were cooked and seasoned well, and the sausage was fresh and juicy. The pancake was light and fluffy, with a hint of crispiness from the griddle around the edges, just the way I like it. The grits were creamy and steaming hot.

We also had one of Simple Joe’s breakfast sandwiches — the biscuit with eggs, cheese and bacon ($4.10) — which hit the spot. The eggs, scrambled, came in a fluffy, folded sheet. They were complemented by the crispy bacon, crumbly biscuit and melty cheese.

The lunch items we opted for were a little more complex but just as tasty.

The shrimp and grits ($12.95), which are frequently found on local menus, are something special here. The shrimp are cooked to perfection with just enough spice to let the seafood’s flavor shine through. The grits are covered by a smokey, buttery New Orleans-style barbecue sauce that will have you tempted to lick you bowl.

Luckily, the dish is served with a couple of slices of crisp toast that you can use instead.

The chicken tacos ($8.95) were another great dish. Crunchy, cool cabbage was the perfect match for the peppery chicken. The addition of the flavorful grilled peppers and onions and a topping of spicy aioli rounds out the dish.

We finished our meal on a sweet note with a piece of chocolate fudge. It was just like Mom used to make — sugary but not too heavy, with rich chocolate notes.

Stop by and see how good simple can be.