One of my favorite early morning recipes, Strawberry Scones, looks far more complicated than it actually is.

Unlike muffins or sweet breads, scones require the same attention you might give to a flaky pie crust — frozen butter, floured surface and a rolling pin. But, they’re far easier to work with and the dough isn’t nearly as delicate or prone to tearing as homemade pie crust is.

For this recipe, I macerated 2 pints of quartered strawberries overnight before adding them to the batter. I also like to freeze the butter in 1-inch pieces beforehand so it’s ready when I wake up. In fact, I always keep a box of butter in the freezer, so I can have frozen sticks on hand.

Not only does the sugar allow the berries to release their natural juices, but the macerating process also makes for an even sweeter, softer scone. Unlike the dry scones served in my college cafe, this version is far more cakelike than most.

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