Every now and then I like to combine garlic and fresh ginger flavors in a pork roast. That’s obviously what attracted me to the recipe for Garlic Pork Roast With Figs and Ginger.

I jotted down the ingredients, but with limited instructions, on a piece of paper that I put in my food file a long time ago.

Unfortunately, my note had vague amounts and no one’s name on the paper.

Ginger is quite pungent and I think a little goes a long way. Seasoning the roast can be to your liking; use as little or as much as your family likes.

The pork loin is seasoned with garlic and herbs overnight but instead of using the fresh ginger in the meat, it’s used in steeping the dried figs.

I used Mission figs in a bag when I tested this recipe. Next time I want to try it with Turkish figs, which are larger and moister.

The steeped figs are strained and placed in the pan drippings for gravy accompaniment.

The ginger-flavored figs added a nice sweet touch to the dark gravy.

The roast is quickly browned on top of the stove and finishes cooking in the oven. This is really easy to do, so don’t let the long instructions fool you. Just watch the baking time because the roast is in a hot oven and its sides are already seared.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.