Some time ago, I received a recipe from Bob DeMeulenaere for a Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich. It was similar to an eye-of-the-round roast recipe I had run in a recent column so it went to a pile for later review.

Recently, I pulled it out and am glad I did. The recipe originally came from DeMeulenaere’s mother-in-law, though he had altered it trying to duplicate a recipe for a Chicago-style sandwich similar to one he had when he visited his mother in Chicago.

“I actually missed the mark trying to make the Chicago sandwich, but the sandwich could stand on its own,” he said. “It is a great example of a mistake that worked.”

DeMeulenaere noted that he always gets a request for the recipe when he makes it. It’s easy to see why.

He recommends serving the meat on a favorite warm bun with either sweet banana peppers, hot chili peppers or Italian olive salad. Dip the bun into juice if you like, he said.