Brisket sandwiches with barbecue sauce are good, casual company fare for a number of reasons.

First off, the brisket has to be prepared ahead of time because it requires long, slow cooking.

Once prepared, it can quickly be reheated when you’re ready to serve, and that’s always a plus, especially if guests are coming from out of town and mealtime has to be flexible.

And, almost everyone likes a good barbecue sandwich.

This is a simple, oven-barbecued beef brisket recipe. I know many of you are experts at cooking brisket in the Green Egg, on the grill or in smokers and have mastered cooking the best-tasting brisket ever. I’m not going to compete with you in that department since I know very little about outdoor cooking.

With this recipe, since you are not going outside to light a fire, liquid smoke is used to season the meat. There are several varieties of liquid smoke flavoring in the grocery store from which to choose.

Cooking brisket of beef is simple, but as mentioned it does take time so planning is necessary.

In most recipes, the meat marinates in seasoning overnight. To cook properly, you have to allow about five hours of baking time. This is not a roast you can rush.

While there are layers of fat and lean meat throughout this cut of beef, it is not a tender cut. Long, slow cooking, with some liquid, is necessary. The meat fibers in a brisket are long so always carve diagonally across the grain to serve. That’s true with any brisket recipe.

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