This is an easy recipe for garlicky, buttered shrimp. I think of it as a scampi-type recipe, but then I looked up what shrimp scampi actually is.

“The New Food Lover’s Companion” by Sharon T. Herbst says, “Scampi is the Italian name for the tail portion of any of several varieties of lobsterettes, the most well-known being the Dublin Bay Prawn. Scampo is the singular form of the word.

“On U.S. restaurant menus, the term is often used to describe the large shrimp that are split, brushed with garlic oil or butter and broiled.”

Well, my shrimp are Louisiana fresh caught, and these are not large and I’m not broiling them so I cannot call this a typical scampi recipe. It’s actually shrimp sautéed in flavorful garlic butter. The shrimp juices flavor and thin the sautéed butter mixture, making just enough sauce to drizzle over a small bed of brown rice.

The rice I served with this was Cajun Grain, a brown Jasmine rice. Wild red rice is mixed in with the brown rice.

A friend gave me a bag of Cajun Grain during the holidays and I’ve been using it ever since.

I’ve purchased it at the Red Stick Farmers Market and at Fresh Pickins Market.