Whiskey Smash 2

Makes 1 drink. Recipe is from “But Mama Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria!: Adventures in Eating, Drinking, and Making Merry” by Julia Reed.

2 orange wheels

3 or 4 fresh mint leaves

1/2 oz. mint simple syrup

2 to 3 ozs. of the best bourbon you can find

1 sprig mint, for garnish

Fill a rocks glass with shaved or crushed ice and tuck orange slices inside so that they cover the sides of the glass. In the bottom of a shaker, stir mint leaves with mint syrup, tapping on the leaves to release their essence. Add bourbon and ice cubes and shake vigorously. Pour into the prepared glass and garnish with mint sprig.

Note: This cocktail is a wonderful and slightly more complex alternative to a mint julep. To make the mint syrup, simply boil 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water for a few minutes until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and throw in 1 bunch of mint. Let steep for about 30 minutes, strain through a fine mesh sieve and refrigerate.