We stuff tomatoes and bell peppers, but sometimes we forget about the onion. Try the larger, sweeter onions for just such a delectable side dish.

I am not a fan of raw onions, but cooked is a different story and the slow cooker does a wonderful job with onions, even the largest ones.

Remembering a dish from my childhood, corn-stuffed pork chops, provided the inspiration for this recipe. Part of the stuffing, thoroughly cooked onions, was always the best part, in my opinion. So, why not take it a step further, I wondered?

To make these stuffed onions, hollow out the onions and set them in the slow cooker. Three to four midsized to large onions will fit in the bottom of a 4-quart slow cooker. If you wish to make more onions, use a larger cooker.

There will be extra “stuffing” so feel free to work the excess around all the stuffed onions. As you scoop out the cooked onions, just bring out some of the extra stuffing with them. It’s a great side dish for pork, chicken, veal, roast or steak.