Roma Pizza serves up delicious, thin-crust New-York-style pies and super sandwiches at its restaurant in Prairieville and it brings hungry patrons back for more.

On our first visit, we tried two of their sandwiches and loved how hot they were when served, and marveled at how they retained their warmth until we were finished. The chicken parmigiano sub ($6.99) offered crunchy-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside baked bread and was stuffed with thin strips of tender, breaded and fried chicken, (which made it so much easier to eat than the usual one large piece) melted cheese and just enough tasty tomato sauce.

Roma’s sausage and pepper sub ($6.99) combined chopped, slightly spicy sausage and sauted peppers topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Every bite a delight, we liked that the sausage was chopped and felt it mixed with the melted cheese better this way.

We also tried the mozzarella sticks ($3.99) and found them better than we’ve had elsewhere. The breading was well-seasoned and the yummy cheese was melted all the way through. This four-count serving also arrived promptly and was served with sauce and a smile.

The small, but very pleasant earth-toned restaurant has several seating options. They have singles, tables for four and several large tables for groups, which were the most popular while we were there. They also have large flat screen TVs on the walls.

Orders are placed in the front and then served at the table. Diners pay at a third window at the front on the way out. The one woman running the windows and serving the food when we visited couldn’t have been more thoughtful and efficient. As we ate we noticed a steady stream of customers coming in to pick up pizzas to go and she seemed to know them all.

We decided with that many return customers we had to try the pie and we were not disappointed. We called our order in a few days later and the pizzas were ready and even presented to us for inspection, with pride, by the owner.

Not a fan of thick crust, these thin crust, foldable slices were just what we prefer. The dough had just enough elasticity and was easy to bite. We ordered two 12-inch pizzas, (they come in 12-, 16- and 18-inch sizes as well as by the slice). The vegetable ($10.99) features a choice of three veggies and the meat lovers ($14.99) includes pepperoni, sausage and ham. We also added mushrooms ($1) to this pizza, which was no problem at Roma.

On the vegetable pizza we choose spinach, artichokes and mushrooms and not only loved the combination of the vegetables with the sauce and cheese but loved the fresh taste and generosity of the servings. The meat lovers delivered on its name and had all the meat one could want on a pizza slice.

The fresh, hot and authentic food at Roma made us wonder why we ever eat the formulaic pizzas from the big chains — like eating that first tomato from your garden makes you wonder why you spend money on the tasteless ones from the store during the winter.