Surprised to see a line at both the counter and the drive-through at Cou-yon’s in Port Allen as we approached for a late lunch on a Saturday we quickly went inside, queued up and scanned the long menu posted above and beside the order station.

The line moved quickly and before we knew it hot food was delivered to our table.

Though the menu did list the specialty plate as chicken bacon ranch wraps ($8.99), we didn’t realize it was plural and were surprised to see two large flour tortillas filled with crispy fried chicken (it comes fried or smoked), bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. The ranch dressing was served on the side with this yummy sandwich. How can you miss with fried chicken and bacon?

We also tried the half-pound burger ($7.99) and our opinions were split on the taste. Seasoned like meatloaf, some liked it for that reason and others didn’t. We also thought the bread didn’t stand up to the large patty. This order came with a side and we were again split. We chose coleslaw and it was sweet and crunchy and contained raisins. If you’re a sweet coleslaw fan you will really like this one; if not, go with the rice dressing, or the mac and cheese.

While scanning the menu we noticed a family pack ($42.99) and decided to take home some barbecue for our tailgate meal while we watched the game, and the food turned out to be the highlight of the night.

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The pack comes with five choices of meat. We picked pulled pork, sausage, smoked turkey, moist brisket and lean brisket. We were surprised at how much we liked the smoked turkey. Moist and flavorful, this was a big hit, as was the delicious pulled pork. Cou-yon’s offers three different homemade sauces: sweet, smoky and spicy. We tried all three and preferred the smoky, especially on the pork.

Both briskets were extra tender and tasty and really didn’t need any sauce covering up that smoky goodness. The sausage was our least favorite because it didn’t seem to have as much flavor as the other meats and we like a firmer texture.

Along with the meats are three sides. We chose the rice dressing, which was our favorite — well seasoned and full of the delicious chopped brisket; the mac and cheese, which tasted homemade and was very creamy and comforting and a close second to the rice; and the redskin potato salad, which like the coleslaw, was also a little on the sweet side.

The pack also came with Texas toast and pickles and onions and a liter-size drink. We added an order of hush puppies and the fried, dense bite-size appetizers hit the spot.

Though advertised to feed five they really packed it in and we had some of everything left over, much to our delight. We highly recommend this effortless spread for your next feast. And if go for the chicken wrap, swap the chicken with the smoked turkey — that would be really tasty.