Home-style Yogurt _lowres

Photo by Beth Colvin -- Make your own Home-style Yogurt in the VitaClay yogurt maker and personal slow cooker.


Home-style Yogurt

Makes about 4 to 4½ cups. Adapted by Beth Colvin from a recipe by VitaClay yogurt maker and personal slow cooker.

5 cups skim milk

3 tbls. starter (Colvin used plain Fage yogurt)

1. In a large pot and using a thermometer, heat the milk to 180 F. Once it reaches 180 F, put the pot into ice water or let it cool naturally to 110 F. Remove any skin that forms.

2. Put the starter yogurt in the slow cooker and add about a cup of the cooled milk. Stir until smooth. Add the rest of the milk.

3. Set the crock to the yogurt setting, put on the lid, and walk away for 8 hours.

4. Remove the yogurt to a container and store in the refrigerator. Stir the whey in or pour it off before eating. You can also drain the yogurt through cheesecloth for a few hours for thicker, Greek-style yogurt.

A note about starters: You can use any plain yogurt for a starter, as long as it has live cultures. It should say on the label.