Tuscan Quinoa Blackberry Salad _lowres

Photo provided by Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission -- Tuscan Quinoa Salad With Blackberries offers a refreshing way to add berries to your diet.

Tuscan Quinoa Blackberry Salad

Serves 4. Recipe is from the Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission.


¼ cup white wine vinegar

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tbls. chopped flat-leaf parsley

¼ tsp. salt

1?8 tsp. black pepper


2 cups water

1 cup quinoa, uncooked

¼ tsp. salt

½ tbl. vegetable oil

¼ cup green onions, sliced

½ cup thinly sliced red pepper (sliced lengthwise)

1 lb. chicken Italian sausage, cooked and sliced

½ cup parsley

1 cup fresh or defrosted frozen blackberries

½ cup shaved Parmesan cheese

1. Whisk dressing ingredients together in a small bowl. Set aside

2. Bring water to boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in quinoa, salt and oil. Reduce to low; cover. Simmer 10-15 minutes or until water is absorbed and quinoa is fluffy. Transfer to large size bowl. Cool 10 minutes.

3. Toss quinoa with dressing. Stir in green onions, red pepper slices, sliced sausage and parsley. Mix well.

4. Gently stir in blackberries to combine with salad. Top with shaved Parmesan. Serve immediately.