Gourmet Galley: Keep crawfish recipe ready for new crop _lowres

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Crawfish Supreme in Puff Pastry Shell


Crawfish Supreme in Puff Pastry Shells

Serves 4-6. Recipe is from “Dragon Fire: A Collection of Family Favorite Recipes” compiled by St. George School, Baton Rouge, fourth grade class of 1979 with minor adaptations by Corinne Cook. Serve in pastry shells or over a slice of toast. It also is delicious as a filling for crepes.

1 pound crawfish tails

8 tablespoons butter

½ cup chopped green onions

½ cup chopped parsley

3 level tablespoons flour

2 cups half-and-half

Salt to taste

Cayenne pepper to taste

3 tablespoons sherry

Puff pastry shells, baked according to package directions or sliced, toasted bread

1. Before cooking pat crawfish tails with paper towels to remove fat and some of the moisture.

2. Melt 3 tablespoons butter in large skillet and sauté crawfish tails for 5 minutes, then pour into a dish and set aside.

3. Clean the same large skillet then melt remaining 5 tablespoons butter in it and cook green onions and fresh parsley until tender. Blend in flour and stir until well heated.

4. Gradually stir in half-and-half, stirring constantly until thickened.

5. Season to taste with salt and cayenne.

6. Stir in sherry and the cooked crawfish tails. Heat and taste for seasoning. Continue heating until hot.

7. Serve in baked puff pastry shells or over toasted bread slice. Crawfish mixture can also be used as a filling for crepes.