Here’s an easy weeknight dinner that I found on the National Pork Council’s website,

It uses boneless, center-cut pork chops, which I bought recently because I was looking for something a little different. They’re typically not my favorite cut of meat because they can be tough and rather flavorless, but they’re low fat and easy to work with so I decided to try this recipe.

It’s a good, single-dish meal and the nice thing about it is you can really adjust the seasonings to your taste. The rice is quite piquant because of the jalape?o peppers, which I liked a lot, and I spiced up the pork a bit by seasoning it with a chipotle spice rub instead of just salt and pepper.

Be careful to sear the pork chops really well to seal in the juices, then follow the cooking instructions precisely to keep them as tender as possible.