Advocate-tested recipe

Cornbread Dressing With Giblets and/or Sausage

Makes 2 quarts. Recipe is from “The Shadows-on-the-Teche Cookbook” published by The Shadows Service League of New Iberia.

1 lb. giblets and/or ½ lb. sausage

2?3 cup butter

½ cup chopped onions

½ cup chopped bell pepper

½ cup chopped celery

2 quarts crumbled cornbread, cooked

Salt and pepper to taste

Chicken or turkey stock for moistening

1. Chop giblets. Sauté in butter until cooked. If using sausage, omit the butter and cook the sausage with the giblets. Add the onion, bell pepper and celery. Cook until wilted.

2. Add the crumbled cornbread. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Moisten with stock to consistency that you prefer. Toss lightly.

3. Use to stuff turkey or chicken or turn into a shallow, buttered casserole dish and bake at 350-degrees until lightly browned on top.