For a taste of fall, enjoy a small slice of this spicy, gooey, full-of-flavor apple cake. Like a typical upside-down cake, this one’s apple design and syrupy glaze on the bottom of the pan ends up decorating and glazing the top of the cake.

Apple Upside-Down Cake is a rich, nutty spice cake. The recipe came from King Arthur Flour and it calls for their brand of boiled cider, which is available from their online catalog, but you can substitute thawed apple juice concentrate. The concentrated apple flavor is used in the topping and also in the cake batter.

Make sure the cake pan you use is at least 2 inches deep; otherwise, it will spill over. I used my 2-inch cake pan and though it baked up to the very top, it was OK.

Take time to grease the pan properly because of the sticky syrup.

That is not a whole apple in the center of the cake; it’s just a slice from the top of the apple, stem and all.