This cake recipe is from Elizabeth Stevens’ recipe box. Her recipe box is not just a little wooden box; it’s a treasure trove of good and tested recipes.

She and her husband, the late Roland Stevens, were business owners and for years she fixed lunch for their staff in the office kitchen. Occasionally, she would put the ingredients in a slow cooker and bring that to the office, along with vegetables, salad and/or dessert.

Roland Stevens often joked that serving lunch on the premises was the surest way to get the office employees back to their desks on time, the Stevens’ daughter Ann Campbell said.

Elizabeth Stevens is a devout Baptist and an avid LSU sports fan. Campbell told me her mother gets the morning paper, but puts it on top of the small freezer in the garage. It stays out there until she has completed her Bible readings and morning prayers. After that, she brings the paper inside and reads the sports section first. I’m hoping the Food section comes after that.

Elizabeth Stevens, now in her 90s, does all of her own cooking and still tests new recipes from the newspaper and from her new cookbooks. She travels to a few out-of-town Lady Tigers basketball games and never misses the home games.

This recipe was from Elizabeth Stevens’ mother, Blanche Newman Watson. It is handwritten inside an old “Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook” and to this day remains a family favorite.