I can count on two sets of hands the number of sad, boring, lifeless burgers I’ve eaten this summer - chunks of meat covered in cheese, condiments, and a number of other dressings made to mask the fact that burger meat is just a little ? redundant.

I love summer grilling, but a girl can only eat so many blackened burgers.

While summer is in full force, I suggest a total grilling shake-up that comes from within the burger itself and not from its condiments.

A burger that is both good for your summer body and the guilty conscience that comes from eating a juicy burger.

These spicy tuna burgers are made from lean sashimi tuna infused with freshly peeled ginger and spicy wasabi horseradish. Patties hint at some of the quintessential flavors of Asian cooking but enjoy the blackened smokiness available in your everyday backyard American grill. Now that’s a burger I can get behind.