Food manufacturers are always coming out with new products to entice consumers. Among those that the Food staff recently taste-tested are a line of breakfast cereals, a chocolate and potato chip bar, and aerated chocolate kisses. Here are our observations.

Fresh Market Cereal

If you like Kashi brand breakfast cereals, then you’ll be equally enamored of Fresh Market’s new private label line of cereals. The two brands are, really, almost indistinguishable.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not good. On the contrary; the two cereals I sampled - Live Crunchy Original Multigrain and Live Crunchy Honey Almond Flax - were full of good flavors and textures.

The cereal line, which also includes Live Leaner 9-Whole Grain, is high-fiber, low-sodium, cholesterol-free and relatively high in protein.

It’s not calorie-free, however. Like most breakfast cereals, you have to be mindful of the portion size, as you can easily double or triple the recommended serving size and overdo it on the carbs and fats.

Still, the cereals, which also contain more grams of protein than you’re likely to find in other cereals, rate high as a healthful, tasty breakfast option. A big handful or two also makes an ideal afternoon snack.

The cereals cost about $3 and are available at Fresh Market. For more information, go to

-Stephanie Riegel

Chocolate, potato chips

A bar of gourmet dark chocolate and potato chips may sound like a gimmick. But guess what? It’s really good.

The only problem is that the Chuao Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar is only available on the Internet, at least for now.

The bar, which was unveiled in June at a food show in California, scores big in the flavor department because it’s just the right combination of salty and sweet - and the potato chips really do not overpower the chocolate, as one might fear they would.

It also works because the chocolate is really fine chocolate, without a hint of artificial flavor or bitterness.

The high-end Chuao line has won national awards for its creative pairings, and it’s worth seeking out the bar online just for fun. You can also find the company’s plain chocolate bars locally in Walmart stores.

The Chuao Potato Chips in Chocolate Bar sells online at for $6.

-Stephanie Riegel

Hershey’s Air Delight

The Hershey Co. has introduced a new chocolate product, Hershey’s Air Delight, that tastes just like its classic milk chocolate - only with a lighter texture.

The company says the aerated product’s light, creamy consistency allows the chocolate “to melt with ease over your tongue,” offering a “subtle, new way” to enjoy its chocolate.

As a dark chocolate enthusiast, I found the product’s flavor bland. However, its texture is smooth and creamy, and fans of Hershey’s milk chocolate will enjoy the new twist on the classic taste.

Hershey’s Air Delight Chocolate comes in 1.44-ounce, single-serve bars and 9.4-ounce bags of Hershey’s Air Delight Kisses Chocolates, and is available nationwide at mass, grocery, drug and convenience stores. Suggested retail price for the bar is 89 cents and for the bag, $3.69.

-Cheramie Sonnier

'Tiger-face' pasta

Local football fans will be interested in a new pasta product - “Tiger-face” pasta - being made and sold by Fresina Pasta Co., 3458-B Drusilla Lane in Drusilla Shopping Center.

A 12-ounce box of the golden- and purple-colored pasta sells for $6.99. Each “face” is about the size of a quarter. A purple dye prepared with dehydrated beet powder was custom made for Fresina’s pasta machines used in making the product, Linda Fresina said.

She also provided a recipe for a quick dish using fresh purple and gold ingredients.

-Cheramie Sonnier