Nearly everyone has a household with a “picky” eater. Without naming mine, let’s just say she likes few vegetables, even fewer seafood items and nothing with nuts. She does, however,

like anything with chicken or pasta.

Fortunately, poultry is one of the best choices for the slow cooker. There are also lots of good accompanying ingredients. Take your pick.

Many have asked whether they can use boneless, skinless chicken in place of its counterpart with the bones in. The answer isn’t cut and dried. For some recipes, the boneless chicken will do quite well. This is one of them.

For others, depending on the amount of liquid, the boned-in version will be a more moist choice. That is why you will see in some recipes I specify the boned-in chicken. The bones can easily be removed, as the skin can be, but cooks will typically notice the difference in texture.

As for my “she who shall remain nameless” family member, yes, I know it has mushrooms. Just take them out before you eat this if you stop by for dinner ... . Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at