Makes about 1½ cups, which may be a little more than you need for the endive leaves. Recipe is from Corinne Cook.

1 medium red apple (or ½ green apple and ½ red apple), chopped

½ small lemon, juiced

½ cup crumbled blue or Gorgonzola cheese

1?3 cup pecan pieces (or walnuts), toasted preferably

2 heaping tbls. raisins (white or dark), optional

1 to 2 tbls. mayonnaise

2 heads Belgian endive, separated into leaves

Garnish of olive slice, fresh parsley or cherry tomato slice if desired.

1. In medium bowl, add chopped apple and quickly coat in lemon juice to prevent discoloring. Add cheese, nuts, raisins and enough mayonnaise to lightly coat. Set aside.

2. Separate leaves from head of endive by cutting the stem end to release them. As you remove the leaves, you have to keep trimming the stem end. Spoon a little of the apple/cheese mix into each leaf. Place on pretty platter or salad plate.